Speaker suggestion: was using edifier s 3000 pro till now( Solved)

Hi guys ,
I was using Edifier s3000 pro for a while now , speakers got burned while house repair work was going on :persevere::frowning:
Can you guys suggest me any speaker as an upgrade or around something similar. As the Edifier s3000 pro are not in stock in my country ( I am from India )

Do you have a budget in mind? If you include that and some of your musical or tuning preferences then people like me who have never heard the Edifiers you mention can possibly recommend some things as well. :+1:

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I listen to mostly rap songs, edm , trance , classical
I was listening to the speakers as it is ( speakers were active speakers , bookshelf )
Budget around less than 800 dollars ( inr60000/-)
I like bass
Thank you :pray:t2:

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Okay so I was looking around to see what suggestions I could find, but several that came to mind seemed difficult to find in India. Can you give me some idea of what brands are available to you? Or, if you’re planning on ordering from the internet, can you tell me what site(s) you might be planning to use so I can take a look at what’s there? I’m not a speaker expert by any means, but I should be able to help you figure out a good pair to grab. :+1::sunglasses:


Yeah I watched all these reviews and can’t find these in here. :cry:
Amazon India , flipkart , hifimart are some websites … thank you sir for your time :pray:

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask do you want them to have the bluetooth connectivity that the S3000s have or does that not matter?

It would be better if I have Bluetooth with apt x.
some models of hivi, Polk audio is available in these sites.

Wow, I totally spaced on this. Let me do some looking around on the vendors you mentioned and I’ll get you some recs. Sorry about that bro! I’m on the road right now and my schedule is a bit weird. :+1:

i have these and they are perfect for me.

not sure how easy to get

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that picture don’t show much

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Yeah, aside from some of the Swans stuff and some Klipsch stuff that’s well outside your price range, I don’t have much experience with thr speakers I’m finding. The Swans H6s that @Vansaint is recommending are actually a very good pick. I’d put them as being a significant step up from your Edifiers.

BTW, do you have any idea why the Klipsch stuff seems to be on sale for very good deals or WAY overpriced? You normally see one or the other so it’s interesting to see both simultaneously.

Looks dope.
ty guys repaired my edifier s 3000 pro
ty suggestions.

ty guys repaired my edifier s 3000 pro.
ty for suggestions


Cool. Glad you got the Edifiers working again. :+1:

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