Speaker switch, need help

i have two sets of speakers one for the computer and one for the tv(full 5.1 system). they all powered from the same amp. for comfort i bought a switch on aliexspress. when it arrived and i connected the speakers. one channel was playing weakly both speakers (right and left) and the other channel played storngly only the left speaker. over all it feels like only left is working.

i tried opaning the thing and it was very simple circut(just a switch and pcb with wires to the switch). i tried switching the switch, i tried wiring the wires my self, tried to connect ground between in and out. and it still does the same!!!.

please advise :frowning:

From the title, I thought you were looking for something to switch after the amplifier.

From the looks of the Printing on the PCB, you swapped the switch for a different one, right?

Only thing I could think off is to turn the PCB upside down and add one piece of wire to join all the Grounds of the RCAs together.

Maybe a better quality one and not from AliExpress?
They very cheap anyway.

yes i did swap the switch. and also tried to join all the gounds. still the same. i also bypassed the entire pcb as you can see in the pic
thanks for advise any how

but it kills me why doesnt it work?! it just fucking 6 wires and switch! it drives me nuts.

Have you tried swapping the inputs?
So the RCA pair currently on input A is on input B and vice versa.

Could simply be a faulty toggle switch.

The PCB footprint does not fit the wired in switch suggesting the switch has been replaced.

True, true.

Bad solder joint somewhere.

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Could keep the case and completely replace all internal components.
If it is not fixed by then, Ouija board or exorcist.

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If he’s hearing both channels at the same time, he either has a partial short, which could damage the amplifier, or the device just has a massive amount of crosstalk and neither signal is making it to the output.
I personally would not connect anything to it, until I verified it was doing what it was supposed to with a meter.

It’s low level signal - nothing can be damaged.

finally i found it! the issue was that they connected both channels to the same ground. i am not sure why that is the issue should be fine i guess something to do with my amplifier. now works fine.

Thanks everyone!!!