Speaker upgrade for daily driver, cheapo

I have a little Ford as daily driver for now.
Surprisingly it had very decent stereo & speaker set from factory.
Think it’s Sony made head unit with BT + CD + USB connection.

After one year the driver side speaker broke down. Horrible rattle and i think the voice coil was damaged partially. Driver was partly stuck and made terrible noise while pressing it.

Did not want to do anything big or actual car audio project. Something very basic stuff with low cost. Near 200$ overall with everything.
So i selected Focal IS 165 for replacement speakers, “plug & play”. yea right…
cut and solder is the way.

So i cut the original tweeter cables, soldered them on. Now it’s plug and play.
Also reinforce the bass/midrange speaker frame or opening. Bit more for stronger surface.

Did some dampening on the actual door panel, inner door frame and outher door frame.

Passenger side is ready and working. Much more details and clarity plus bass and overall good improvement. With 200$ mini budget, cause its the daily. :slightly_smiling_face:

The tweeter is in with the door opening handle thingy…? The actual opening cable is super tight and very little room… so.
Had a minor f-up with the other tweeter… the crossover pin broke from driver terminal… it’s a hair thin stiff “pin” Not a cable! So that needs to be sorted out, hopefully today.

Look at the size difference with a normal speaker cable (its small already) vs. the tiny pin (cable…).
why they did this… stupid fucks…
Its like one copper string vs… 20 in one normal small speaker cable.
Damm it…

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Happy days.
Managed to fix things. :sunglasses:Tweeter is playing its tunes again, little bit careful soldering and a short “jump cable”.
Had a friend to help with panel + opening cable so it wont break again… all panels are back in place and music is back.

Small and pretty cheap upgrade for better audio.

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