Speaker wire gauge for Kanto TUK

Hello, I’m new here and somewhat new to audio. I purchased some TUKs recently but the cable for connecting each speaker is crazy long for my setup. I’m looking to buy a new cable but I’m so confused about speaker gauge and length. For my setup I’ll need an approximate length of 4-6 feet, preferably 6 feet. I believe the impedance for the speakers are 4 ohm. What gauge should I get and any links will be greatly appreciated. Also thanks in advance to anyone who helps. I’m located in Canada by the way.

Easy solution would be knot the extra and tug it away. Probably would not visible anyways.
Or cut and solder cable if there’s ready made banana plugs.

Fun fact - the reason we include such long speaker wire is so you can run it up floor-standing speaker stands like our SP or SX and still have a good 10’ between the speakers. Anyways, we provide 16 gauge speaker wire in the box so feel free to go with that. I’d just pick up this

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I’ve owned a lot of speakers and i’ve never had a problem with speaker wires being too long only too short so i’m not sure what the problem is, in fact I recently got an RCA connector to hook up one of my subs that is 20" long for home theater when all I needed was a 4" cable so I just left the extra cable on the floor, no problem