Speakers 4 narrow rooms

Having a long but shallow room and look for a minimal setup which will be fed by my Mytek Brooklyn Bridge / Amp (300 Wpc).

Since the room is shallow (3,50m across / ~10m long), I thought passive radiator to be able to move the speakers as close to the wall as possible without significant boosted low-end.

After researching a fair bit, I’ve the Buchardt’s S400 ontop of my list (was texting Mads, who has a very similar living room situation). But I always open to suggestions.
Important criteria (other than sound) are: no sub required, small footprint, GOOD industrial design.


Just heared the Elac Vela 403 / 407 & 409 which have a down-fireing port that doesn’t make them boomy even close® to the wall.

Very impressive and so pretty!

I’ve already heard Buchardt S400 in a comparable situation. The speakers can be placed very close to the wall (10cm) thanks to the waveguide. But a 90x90cm 242 Acoustic Panel was mounted on the wall to avoid a strong distortion of the soundstage. In order for the speakers to sound good, the rear passive ratiator needs some air and should be 30cm away from the back wall. The IOTAVX SA3 was powered in 2 x 90 W @ 4 ohms because using the extra PA3 at 180 W @ 4 in mono produced too many low frequency resonances.
Bucharts are really very compact and have a surprisingly full-bodied performan in a small case.

As a former owner of ELAC FS 247.3, I have to warn you that if the JET5 are too close to a reflective surface, they tend to be massively over emphasized in the treble without optimized room acoustics. That’s why I sold mine.

Thanks for sharing - much appreciated!