Speakers category rules

This section is for posting about speakers.
General forums rules:

Moderators are able to excersize their powers outside these rules listed below. If anyone believes someone is circumventing the rules to stir up trouble, please report the incident to any [MOD ROLE HERE]. The rules of this community will be enforced appropiately and with care; on a case-by-case basis.
Remember that we’re all here to enjoy SOUNDS.

    Be fair to your fellow members. Your opinion is not what defines you; whether it’s your political opinion, favorite flavor of ice cream, or you enjoy HE-500.
    Debates are fine, but remember there’s a face behind every name. Be RESPECTFUL.
    The community is about audio gear foremost, and this niche being as small as it is, we want to encourage its growth. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the ins-and-outs or technical terms.
    If someone has a question and you think you can help, dive right in with a positive attitude.
    Section 1:
    Share your ideas and experiences, but consider many people may be minors. (under 17)
    Admins will remove inflammatory content from text-chats at their discression, including but not limited to:
  • Racism (derogatory slurs or generally insulting behaivor based on race (More Info Below))
  • NSFW (outside of the NSFW chat (direct message moderators for additional information))
  • Graphic Violence (physical or psychologial harm through videos, text, or music)
  • Spreading of Personal Information (i.e. Doxxing) (without consent (More Info Below))
  • Personal Attacks (direct insults to people in and outside of this discord)
  • Spam (repetitive messages, breaking them up into chunks, or excessive emoji spam)
  • Malicious Links (this goes without saying, but we said it anyway)
  • Illicit or Illegal Content (trading of illegal drugs, illegal pornography, or illegal arms)
    Section 1.5 (Personal Information and Doxxing):
    Please be aware that posting your own personal information may put you at risk, just like everywhere else on the internet. Anything you post in text-chats will be available for anyone to keep track of if they decide to. If there is information you wish to keep hidden, don’t post it. Be sure to censor images if posting a screenshot of sensitive information.
    If you have obtained information from another member that they have already provided publicly within the forum, you may engage in conversation with others about it. However, you may not search for members’ personal information without their consent. It’s never acceptable to use it for targeted harassment, especially when it comes to their social media, home/work addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.
    Do not, under any circumstance, harrass other members of this community, or other communities within the general audio/tech reviewing community. Don’t go out of your way to make this community look bad, including impersonation. There may be rivalries between communities and individuals, but keep them friendly and between individual persons.
    While we understand everybody has different experiences with people, please understand that people are human beings, foremost. We won’t tolerate overt racism based on national origin/place of living, or overt sexism. In addition, we absolutely do not allow race-baiting, racial supremacy, or sexual supremacy in any discussions. This includes discrimination against majority and minority racial groups as well as against men. The moderator team will be swift to act on this, as it’s extremely controversial and devolves community quality, quickly.
    As a member of this community, you agree to resolve any disagreements or situations in a calm and rational manner. If rules are being broken, please don’t make things worse by pointing out they broke the rules. If you are not a moderator, please do not escalate a situation by telling someone what they just did was immoral. Submit screenshots of the incident(s) or direct message another moderator to allow them to deal with the situation.

As a moderation team, we strive to be fair in determining consequences for members who have broken rules of the server. We ban at our own discretion, but understand that our members have a large degree of freedom. We don’t want it to come to that, but it may.