Speakers for a stupid room

The room is 30’ w 18’ d 8’ h. 8’ of the width is recessed and carpeted the rest is hardwood. Kitchen dining and living room area all open. Speakers have to be in the middle of the back wall on the hardwood in the dining section of the big stupid room. Walls are logs.

They’ll be powered by a yamaha as2100 with the source being records and cassettes (because they’re the highest of hifi).

Off axis imaging is paramount. I find warmer speakers pair well with the as2100 for the sound I prefer. I don’t want a sub so some bass is ideal (some not tons).

I’m very happy with my amp and just looking to upgrade from the $2-300 speaker range and something around $1000 is where I’d like to play now.

70s and 80s rock and metal makeup the majority of my collection but that said I like a laid back sound that won’t be fatiguing.


Lol that’s a pretty nice amp that would probably be worth more than your speakers lol. My pick for what you want is a Klipsch 8000f, really a beast

Yeah the amp I got a good deal on and I love it oh so very much lol probably never move on from it (unless tubes but that’s an and not an or scenario).

Klipsch eh… I didn’t associate that brand with warm and laid back but that’s only what I’ve read and not about this specific speaker.

Their new stuff is warmer tuned and very smooth at times. Also they have a pretty large sweet spot which I think you are looking for, and they pretty easily fill a room. Their higher end klipsch heritage speakers would really be up your alley imo but you would have to look used

I would really recommend the polk l100, but I don’t think it would adequately fill the room at times

Also if you could find some zu audio omen dirty weekends that would be pretty sweet (but again I don’t know if they would have the oomph you would want in a larger room)

I currently use elac b6.2s if that’s any reference. I dont listen loud and they give me plenty of volume but at times feel like as2100 isn’t enough power for them.

I’ve only used bookshelf speakers and they’ve been sufficient so far.

I mean I think that’s plenty of power as the as2100 is pretty powerful tbh, I think that’s just the elacs running out of steam

Yeah probably… definitely time to upgrade

So are you opposed to a tower speaker or are you looking more towards bookshelf?

I do lean towards bookshelf

The l100 or l200 would absolutely be my picks then. Very very smooth sound, great warm richness that can still somewhat fill a room (but I think a sub would be a worthwhile purchase), warmer then the klipsch too. I think it would pair great with your amp, would be a very impressive setup imo

Nice I’ll check those out