Speakers for electronic music

Hi hifiguides mates,

I’m trying to buy some bookshelf speakers dedicated for music listening (no movies or TV).
I listen to a lot of electronic music (techno, electronica, deep house and minimal) which has a wider frequency spectrum of sounds, white noise, hiss etc…
I would like speakers that work well with this kind of music.
My budget is $250 for passive speakers. I already have an amp and I’m planning to buy a subwoofer later.

1/ What kind of sound signature would be good for this kind of music?

2/ The ones I’m looking at are the Emotiva B1+, Jamo C91 ii (on sale), Q3020, Klipsch (?).

The other thing is that I have KEF Q100 for my TV/music already. Should I use those for my music setup and buy something else to replace them for the TV??


Personally i like speakers that does not change the original sound or have a signature.
So it’s just the music.
Since studio monitors or active speakers tend to have ‘powerful’ and nice bass even with low volumes. Electronic music sounds fantastic.

In the End. It’s all personal preference what you might like so trying out is good way to go.
Since the room and speaker placement also has a effect on the sound. It’s pretty hard to advice on what you might like.

You could try the KEF’s but for the start they might lack in the nice bass department.

Thanks MadGman.
I’m considering Jamo C91ii or Q acoustics 3020 for their sound quality and neutral reproduction. Them I’ll get the sub for the bass.

Since electronic music doesn’t rely on Instrument reproduction, does it really matter how good the speakers are? Should I just get any HT speakers and I’ll be good??

Depends what you mean by “good” and which HT speakers. Any speaker will make sound and probably go loud while doing it, but they probably won’t give you the full picture. Imaging and soundstage aside, you might be missing details.

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