Speakers for Office/Front Room ~$600

Howdy all.

I am looking for some quality speakers I can use in my front room that I have my office set up in. Its roughly 10’ x 10’ but opens up to my living room quite a bit. I would be using these for playing games and listening to music. Mostly nearfield but on occasion it would be just for general room use. I’ve looked into vanatoo t1e/t0’s and they seem to be a great option, but wanted to see if I am missing anything. Zeos seems pretty pumped about the D1090s as well. so I don’t know if I should go down that route. I am also willing to pay a bit extra for something that looks good. Since these would be pretty easy to see, but audio is definitely priority here.

I am fairly new to looking into hifi so any other advice and such would be appreciated.

I bought the T Zeroes for my office and love them. But I only use them for music and YouTube.
My chain is computer to DAC (Topping D30) to Liquid Spark amp to the T Zeroes. I live in an apartment so I am not trying to shake the world.

I think the Zeroes are cool looking and only have a small footprint. In a larger area the T Ones might be a better fit.

Hey Shane,

I went with the the T1E’s in the end since my room could be considered decently sized. And I wouldn’t mind moving them around eventually. I am sitting here listening to them after they arrived today.

Wow, so much better than any speaker I have had before (and I usually considered myself to care more about audio than the average person. Imaging is awesome on these bad boys too.

Glad to hear! I keep meaning to try my little fellas in the living room to see how they sound.
My big towers are useless in an apartment so I was thinking that your speakers would be a better fit.

I could definitely see using these as a replacement for my living room audio, especially if I was in a smaller apartment. They still off quite of bit of performance at low volumes so you wouldn’t have too much of an issue with the neighbors.
I would love to hear how the T0’s perform in a larger area.

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