Speakers small popping noise when turning off amp?

Hey I recently got a used Emotiva ta-100 for my kef Q150’s and I noticed that when I turn the amp off it makes a small, relatively quiet popping sound when I turn it off. It doesn’t make the noise when turning it on, only when turning off. Is this harmful to the speakers and does it mean there’s something wrong with the amp?

That’s just fine, normal operation. If it’s not overly loud you have no issues, some amps just do that

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Okay thanks I was a little worried it was damaging my new Kefs lol

Old school stuff, but I always turn the volume to zero before turning off the amp.

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Old school here, too. I always did the same.

If the TA-100 is anywhere close to the BasX A-100, then the explanation is rather simple.

There are relays in the signal path. They are normaly open disconnecting the output from the amplifier during powerup.
Either by using a timer or a NTC Thermistor those relays close after a short time delay. This prevents the start-up “chunk”-noise you get from some amps.

When turning the unit off, those relays may just take a moment too long to open before the remaining charge from the buffer capacitors in the amp discharge through the circuit.