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I recently got KEF R100 (360€ black friday sale :smiley: ) but my stands I used to use with my DALI zensor 1 seem not to be sturdy enough.
The stands are similar to the soundrise stands but because of the weight and depth of the KEF they hang about 10cm over at the front which together with the weight makes them wobble every time I hit the desk or with any vibration.
Does this affect sound? Should I get new stands like Isoacoutics or something silmilar (iso stands are pretty overpriced for their quality Imho).

It’s nice to have some space under the speakers with my current stands but the wobble is a bit annoying.

Plenty of cheap heavy duty stands, if it wobbles when bumped, it will wobble when they thump and affect sound quality.

Unsteady is bad, means they could go over and be damaged, and the sound will be lesser and your enjoyment will be lesser too! I like metal stands over wood. sturdy over weak. Good luck.

I have some exercise foam mats and cabinet liner under my stands to prevent something like this. They seem to help so far.

Anybody have some recommendations for floor standing speaker stands? Looking for a pair under $100 to hold my Edifier s2000pros for my TV setup.

And the 32" are only $10 more. Very high quality, heavy, and cable run inside.

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Height of stands is also pretty important. To get speakers on correct height compared to listeners position.
That kinda is where to start finding good ones.
Would stands need have cable hiders, colors and so on, looks and possible WAF.

ended up buying these 28in rockville stands, that should be the perfect height for my listening position. also good price.

I own and use some of there desk stands already, and they are pretty great. now i need to look into getting some sand to fill these things when they get here.

Any recommendations for speaker stands available in the EU?

I need a pair for big bookshelfs like the Swans D300

They’re made in Italy so should be easy to get for you. Just look at them… available in raw steel as well.

should’ve clarified… budget stands :smiley:
but thanks!

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