Speakers that fit my desk setup

I’m looking to add some speakers (and amp if they’re passive) to my desk setup. I don’t have room beside my monitors and it will likely have to go under my center monitor. I’m looking at maybe the micca rb42 (sideways), OoO, vanatoo t0 (a bit more than I’d like to spend, but could swing it). I have about 24 inches horizontally and 7-8 vertically. Any suggestions would be welcome.

What kind of music do you listen to?

A mix, mainly consisting of country, electronic (in t the realm of Lindsey Stirling), some a capella, kind of all over the place.

Gotcha. Well personally for that space, I’m going to say the t0 because imo the rb42 won’t have enough room to breathe, and the t0 also works well with a wide variety of music too. Something else to check out as well might be the iloud micro monitors as those are pretty sweet for the price as well (and should work size wise no problem)

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bracket mount to the wall above monitors and aim towards you? or dare I say or whisper……. soundbar?.. sssshhhh I didn’t say that… Not the best by any means

Since the setup is what it is, speaker position is not good.
Might be smart not to get expensive speakers or monitors? Unless future planning is in mind.
Changing the setup and getting better speaker positions or speaker arms would allow better options, sound vise. But if Vanatoo is in egde (budget) the needed accessories add’s up the cost.

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I was thinking the same kind of thing when creating this. I was trying to find simmering like the micca covo-s originally, but can’t find them in stock at the moment. Then I got sucked down what’s the best thing that fits my need and that’s how I end up here. The vanatoo would probably be overkill for my needs, but I would like something nicer than a pair of logitech speakers.

Thanks for the insight.

With my casual home desk setup. I actually have similar setup than you do and same issue.
With 3 monitors side by side and a big office desk with shelves, very close to back wall.
There just ain’t space for decent or even good speakers and placement… behind monitors kinda ruins everything unless “you want sound” and not actually care about it.

And quess what? Some ancient Logitech 5.1 superduperwoofer system brings “just sound”, they barely fit under monitors. At least the tweeter is real and not those fake ones. :smiley: It’s crap anyways but it is what it is. At the moment.

you could try one of these. the top one is smaller and sealed, the bottom is better but bigger and rear ported. but they are small rear ports, so you only need a couple inches from back wall with them. the syd on sale price is good deal =)

edit: the kanto also has more connection options. both have analog in’s, kanto has optical as well and a phono stage if your into that.


I ran across these for 20 bucks off on amazon. They would fit the space requirements, but I haven’t found many reviews on them. Any thoughts?

It’s from a reputable maker, I personally haven’t heard them so I can’t comment

The issue with the small Swans is the “subwoofer” isn’t very sub, it covers everything from well over 100Hz Down, so it really needs to be positioned centrally rather than being placed off to the side, and that can make placement on a desk difficult.

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I know Z did an unboxing of those, but never did a review

Maybe a pair of micca rb 42 set on its side and placed under the monitors

I thought they were the Edifier S350DB… did he have the Swans also?

Well they also in the 300 range. Probably not that much of difference what to pick.

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He did an unboxing of the Swans, and flipped on the cables, cause it’s bare copper on one end, and RCA on the other.

I’m just gonna say this… I still wanna see a review @ZeosPantera!!! Even if it is a fucking rage fest over Swan fucking up
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The Edifier set looks bit more pleasing, spec wise. Plenty of reviews on Amazon as well + Zeos video just above, few post’s up.
Crossover has been done differently and sub is actually 8" so it’s closer to actual sub and seems to play SW: 40Hz –160Hz.
Swans is only 6" and 38Hz-300Hz so… probably not good.

That might be the best compromise for the space I’ve got.

Zeos just released his M50W review to Patrons. Not sure when the public gets access.

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Hopefully soon. Is it a shit show, or does he seem to like it?