Speakers that sound like my DT-1990 Pro

Looking for some advice on speakers and amp combo that might sound like my DT-1990 Pro together with my RME-ADI 2 FS.

I know that some say that the treble on 1990 is too much, but with the RME, I’ve toned it down in the top end and bumped up the sub base just a bit, and I REALLY like that tuning. Super clear and really wide sound stage.

The thing is that I like it so much that my current speaker and amp sound quite dull.

What can I do to spice up the hi-fi system? Currently I’ running a Linn Majik DSI and Dynaudio Focus 160.
I’m looking for a better ”match” but I need help what to keep and where to go. Oh, yeah I also power the speakers via XTZ A2-300 instead of built in amp in Linn Majik.

Where should I start?
What to keep/sell?

Klipsch. Most Klipsch, above like The Sixes and all the way to their Heritage stuff. It’s all very much like the 1990 pro, which I own and use daily.

We built a Marantz series 30 + sacd30n system with a pair of Klipsch rp-8000f floor standing, and it’s a thing a beauty.

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This is the problem.
Headphones are literally near the ears, and you have tuned them and people hear them little differently. Same tuning sounds bit different still.
Speakers need rooms and air around them, then the actual room effects the sound and furniture and so on. There is not a single answer.

If you would have fully neutral headphones then you could have neutral monitors + making the environment suitable .
Having a “close to neutral” sound from both.

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My thoughts are Elac Unifi Reference. Or some other Elac Debut reference. I need to have them up to the wall so no back port really.

Also been looking at some Genelec monitors. But I havent really heared any of them.

Thanks for the input.

Great tip. Thanks. Klipsh seem to be very popular. Very high value for the money. And that is also nice

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Why not just use graphic EQ? The Focus 160 are far from dull, unless they’re worn out, or broken, or the upstream gear, including speaker level & line level cable, amps, preamps, sources sound dull. Also is your listening room dull sounding? If the room is carpeted & full of furniture, book shelves full of books, that can certainly be a factor.
Secondly if you want more bass then add a sub, or pair of subs.
Thirdly, if the 1990 headphones are open back, the closest thing to open back headphones for speakers are open baffle speakers.