Speakers under $300 for new vinyl listening room (also amp/preamp advice is welcome)

Hey everyone! There’s an extra room in my home that is very cluttered with random stuff without a purpose. I’m planning to clean it all out and create a beginner/modest vinyl listening room.

I already have a pair of studio monitors from a few years ago (Mackie Cr4) and I’m not sure that they are what I’m looking for in a setup. I don’t need a crazy neutral response that a studio monitor will give off. I want a bookshelf or floor standing pair of speakers that have a sub(s) built-in, that will create an enjoyable sound to most people.

I will be getting a vinyl shelf that will hold my records in the cubbies and will hold the turntable on top of it, but I’m thinking I’ll need the rest of the room for either pre-amps, dacs or amps (I’m familiar with headphone setups, new to listening room setups).

If there’s any advice you have for me or a direction to point me in, I’d greatly appreciate it.

You can get decent speakers for $300. However, I don’t think you’re going to get speakers with built in subs anywhere near that price. I’m not aware of any, actually.

There are some speaker makers looking unload stock for new model lines right now. One is Jamo. The S807 or S809 are right around $300 from this seller:

Elac has an open box special for there UB5 at just under $350:

There were some Klipsch specials recently too that may or may not still be happening.

What receiver or amplifier are you considering?

I would suggest any of the following. I will list sale prices so they may not be that price currently, but they will fall to that price here and there though I can’t guarantee that they all will. I am not too knowledgeable on floorstanding speakers, but I listed two that I remember seeing on sale last year during holiday season and the rest off of some sales on accessories4less.

Bookshelf Options

  • KEF Q150s - $299.99/Pair
  • JBL 530s - $297.99/Pair
  • USED ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 - Can be found at <$300/Pair from certain sellers, but requires some luck and searching. New sells on sale for around $350.
  • Elac Debut 2.0 B6 - $150/Pair (Could free up some budget for a dedicated subwoofer)

Floorstanding Options

  • Pioneer SP-FS52 - $136 to $193/Pair
  • Energy (by Klipsch) CF-70 - $339.98/Pair
  • OPEN BOX Boston Acoustics A250 - $339.98/Pair
  • Polk Audio TSi400 - $359.98/Pair
  • Definitive Technology BP6B - $359.98/Pair

However, for your budget and money’s worth. I’d probably just buy a pair of bookshelf speakers around the $300 mark like the KEF Q150s, JBL 530s, or ELAC Uni-Fi UB5s. Then get a subwoofer later when you have the budget. Floorstanding speakers definitely pack more bass than your average bookshelf, but it still doesn’t quite reach dedicated subwoofer level. For my ears, the KEF Q150s have a more neutral sound signature with a focus on the mid and high range that pairs nicely with a subwoofer. The JBL 530s have a warmer, smooth signature that is musical and enjoyable with great bass punch that almost doesn’t need a subwoofer. The UB5 is somewhere in between. All three are great buys imo.

Here are some decent floorstanders for $230:


Not sure if they are something anyone want’s in their setups, CR series are pretty bad.
They work well in garage type of use but indoors, nope. 3 years of miss usage with dust and some water moisture. It’s amazing they work. :smiley:

I agree with others that if you want floorspeakers (4-way), as to say with sub’s. The budget on new pair’s ain’t enough. In your local audio markets the prices are near 1k$ mark, that have potential for good sound. There are few… in the 100$ range but… no. No no no no.

Her is another deal that just popped up today. A pair of Jamo S807’s for $169 or a pair of Jamo S809’s for $239.

Airmotiv B1+


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I have some logitech z323 speakers with an included sub as a backup with my TV. Would those be better than the Mackie Cr4?

That S809 deal is taunting me

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This is one I am actually looking at getting myself.

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Both of those are very basic, plain sounding speakers. They won’t compare to a nice set of passive bookshelf speakers and an amp.

I agree with you, trust me. This is not my permanent goal. My bad, I should have clarified. I’m going to use one of these sets of powered speakers until I put enough money aside for a full audio setup with a receiver and passive speakers.

But for temporary usage, which do you think will be a better interim speaker?

Hmm, I’d go with the Logitech since you have a sub with it that can produce the bass notes.

:+1: I have T1 & C2 and they rock. I’d like to eventually replace my surrounds with the B1’s.

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I ended going with a Pioneer SX-10AE receiver and a pair of pioneer sp-bs22-lr speakers. I’ve heard they’re both trusted and affordable.

I plan on either getting a polk subwoofer at some point but I definitely want to see how the new system sounds without it when they get here in a week.

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