Special. usb card for dacs

when do you guys… i mean people, think about a special pci-e card, that you connect the dac to. its suppose to make the signal cleaner, is that legit or does it sound like a scam. company called JCAT makes them. its like 800$ and it had a 1200$ fetmo clock upgrade. another company makes a usb cable like 3 feet to connect the dac to that card and thats like 800$

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EVEN if it were the case that it made some kind of difference, that’s about the last kind of upgrade you would even want to worry about. That’s like years, decades of being into this stuff and turning into a crazy person, trying to eek out every last bit of non-existent “performance”… Don’t waste your money on it, IMO.

only reason to get a sound card imo is if your pc’s usb is noisy, a cheap $30-40 soundcard toslink out fixes that

its not even a sound card. its a card that you connect an external sound card too. which is pretty much what a dac. the card has either two usb slots. they also got one with 2 network connections for streamers.

I saw something similar this past weekend, though much much cheaper. If you REALLY want to try something like this out here is the link. Some say it helped, some say it didn’t. I personally think that as long as you don’t have any shoddy equipment in the signal path or a noisy AC signal or ground hum being introduced, you should be fine. Let your ears be the judge. :+1:

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nice. i turned up all my speakers and headphones to max vol with nothing playing and its dead quite so i guess im good. my power supply is ti rated and its all using custom cables. i think this kinda stuff comes into play when you are using ultra high end equipment

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