Specific DAC/Amp

My buddy is looking for a very tailored DAC/Amp for his gaming PC. Features that he wants:

Mic In
Headphone Out
Pre-Out (Speakers)
Output Selector Switch (Doesn’t want to keep unplugging headphones to listen to speakers)
Under $300

Take a look of this

Other Option is to use a Dac amp and the Mic from the Onboard.

He has a Fulla 3, but the Mic circuit is starting to mess up. It seems to be a common occurrence. He saw the Hel, but he wants a selector switch for HP or speakers, not just an auto switch. I told him that his wants are very specific and I couldn’t find anything that checked all his boxes.

Just found the Mayflower Arc MK2. Seems to have everything.

There is also the Funk – Burson Audio which has speaker outs. It’s a little pricey though.

Wouldn’t the playmate 2 make more sense in this case?

The arc mk2 is solid as well

I also forgot this doesn’t have a DAC. So yeah Playmate 2, if it has the selector switch.