Spiral Dot/Spin-fit Questions...Ikko OH-1 Style Nozzle

Hey just trying to learn from those with experience with spin-fits and spiraldots, and have used similar style shells like the OH1 with a very short nozzle. I was looking at the CP360 spinfits and the JVC EP-FX9MS-B spiraldots. My question is do they work well with the short nozzle as well as are they in-between the small and medium size of the included tips with the OH-1/10.

Reason for the questions is the supplied medium tips work great for my right ear, but are painful on my left, moreover the small barely hold so the weight is too much on my ear on top of the poor seal. Its great at first, but these are so close to perfect that I’m just trying to finish it so I can basically start selling headphones lol jking. The smallest dekoni tips barely work for my right ear but it is too painful for my left so just looking to stay silicone unless there is some smaller foamies out there. Here are some picks to help as well.

Thanks for any help! :smiley:


Spiral- I was leaning this way due to having a medium-small size, but that is purely due to the naming convention.

I regularly use mine with Spiral Dot M tips, but when I do switch to Spinfits, I use either CP-100-M or CP-100-S. All of the aforementioned tips let my ears bear the weight of the OH-1 fine, with no discomfort. Everyone’s ears are different, though, so you may end up needing to try some different types and sizes (maybe even different sizes for each side) to get the best results for you.

Are the medium spirals in between the small and medium sized Ikko provided?

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Unfortunately, I am on the road atm and only have my OH-1 with Sprial Dot M, Spinfit M and MandarinE Symbio N tips in Medium with me. From memory, the Spiral M’s are actually a little wider overall than the included medium tips, but they grip the inner ear a little differently (they’re a little more conforming to the shape of the canal, and sit more shallow/less deeply than most medium silicone tips). Likewise, Spinfits (CP-100, at least) have a narrower tip termination than most silicone tips, and sit more deeply inserted but with slightly better-than-average pliability, making them secure but not overly rigid. Again, though, everyone’s ears are different so others may want to chime in with their experiences with different tips.


Thats a great explanation! Makes sense to me, I think the medium small may just be the trick then. I need to wait but I will look at it soon. Ikko just told me they are working on a foam(sponge) tip for their earphones so that may do the trick as well if they are smaller than the dekoni.