SPL Meter Recommendations

Wanted to buy an SPL meter just for general spot checks and just to better understand my system and listening preferences.

The market seems to full of < $30 cheapo units and > $180 pro focused units. Very little in the middle for an enthusiast level. Anyone got a go to or something that’s worked well for them or is a decent cheap unit good enough nowadays?

One of the issues is the FR range.
Different measurement parameters and actual measurement range, loudness and accuracy.

Pretty much all the cheap ones.
Have only one reading: live SPL reading and it’s somewhere between ~35Hz-20kHz.
Not very accurate and might miss range you would like to see.

With the better ones.
They more tools for purpose. They start to be very accurate, standardized and with many measurements possibility’s and full range or even beyond etc, Octave band filters etc etc.
Better microphones and UI, software. Etc.
So they cost.

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Uni-T has some, as their clamp-meters (for current) are not bad, I would look at their offerings.

Maybe you can find an AZ-Instrument 8922 or Kern SU130

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most of the cheap ones at ~35Hz to 8kHz

Yes, i know. Somewhere gives room to play.
Still. No low bass and high treble.
NO SUB!!! :smiley: Wat!

They suck. Point.