Split source to two DACs

I’m going to receive a BTA30 soon. Going to be used exclusively as an LDAC transmitter. It will be run in conjunction with my existing SMSL M100/Atom . I want to be able to seamlessly switch between my set of wired and wireless headphones to listen to the same source.

The BTA30 has a regular DAC mode, but it cannot transmit BT and function as a wired DAC at the same time. There is a mode switch that needs to be flipped. I’m gonna chuck it on a high shelf in BT mode and forget about it.

Anyone know the best way to go about this? Thanks.

You could run optical into a splitter if your source has optical/SPDIF out.

4 port usb hub. You only turn one or the other dac on when needed.
I’ve run 4 dacs on the same system this way
Unless you meant something different. This is the easiest way to do it.

I’d like for both to be receiving from the same source at the same time. Basically in same fashion as how Zeos does a/b testing of DACs.

He uses an optical splitter I believe. I wonder if I need a special type, because I’m not sure if this affects the digital signal (quality and such) ultimately sent to the DACs.

The signal will be clean if it’s a high enough quality splitter. You should be able to have a good one made for less that $500 or so if it’s only 2 channel split at one of the custom wire makers that do high end fiber. We use them at work once in a while. You can find cheaper but it won’t be audio quality, if that doesn’t make a difference to you even better.
The only difference will be in how hi-res a signal the optical channels will pass through, they tend to offer a bit less than USB and SPIDIF but i think it depends on the DAC.
Personally, i’ve never been able to hear much difference at those levels anyway. Sorry i coudn’t be more help.
Here is a link to one of the Specialty wire making companies we’ve used at work. Good luck

Is there a commercially available one that Zeos uses? I dont need fancy DSD/FLAC. Just 24/192 will do.

Thanks all for the responses. Decided to replace my M100 with a Topping D10s, a more elegant solution.

i dont know if you already found a solution but here you go: https://youtu.be/29NOFUKpuw4