Splitter for SMSL SP200

Is gettiing a splitter for the SMSL SP200 a good idea? I have more than one headphone with a balanced cable plug. Any drawbacks to adding this? Something like this:

I think the only drawback is halving the power. But the Sp200 has plenty of power, so should be okay… I would think.

If that was on the output side to the headphones and you were to run two in paralel, that would be correct.
As for the input side, it does not make a difference.

ah, yeah. I assumed he was talking about the output as he mentioned having more than one headphone balanced.

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I wonder if there are “headphone switchers”, so like monitor controllers but for headphones :thinking:

You mean like this?:

I guess this would keep the power full.

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Yes I would get a switcher not splitter if you wanted to ab headphones on the same amp

I need to pick up a “splitter” for my DAC. Basically just a Y cable to feed the SP200 and the LCX. Then I can run four amps at once without constantly changing cables (already running RCA split).

Yup, that would work just fine :+1: