Splitting my headphone singnal?

hi, im fairly new to the whole headphone game but since i found zeos found myself like many ppl spending money in the hobby now lol.

have a question, what device am a looking for?

i want to have multiple headphones all hooked up to one source so i can have multiple ppl that are with me to all hear a song or a source at the same time. and then i can also just switch headphone on and off my head to hear the differences.

looking for entry very low priced items to play with but im pritty sure just searching headphone splitter on amazon is not what im looking for.

im using just a cheap amp dac combo right now. so will i need to amp every headphone seprately after this? or how does this work exactly.

like i said im new to this whole game so please excuse my noobyness

Splitting the signal is bad for a basic headphone amplifier. Something will break down if and when you split the signal and split the signal again. No no.

Firstly you need know how many headphones you would be using.
If you would be using something like 4-5 headphones at same time. You would need a device like PH-50 : 5-way Headphone Amplifier.
Device that takes single(or multiple) signal and amplifies it to multiple headphones.

If there is a need for more headphones.
Then it’s pretty much something like a MH-8 | OVERVIEW | TASCAM - United States that would help with 8 headphones.

Going full on Zeos mode.
You have some device that has multiple outputs (digital or analog).
Then you would have multiple amps (same model amps) that takes ^^ that signal in.
Then just have multiple headphones and play around. :slight_smile:

Don’t do this:


I mean, you can do that. Just have to consider the overall impedance (and likely run off a speaker amp)

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Yes the point here is that is you plug in multiple headphones via splitters, you effectively put those headphone loads in parallel, 2 32 Ohm headphones are a 16 Ohm load.
You might well hear the difference of the amp driving a different load (depends a lot on the amp).
At some point as you add more headphones and the load drops the amp will become currently limited and the amp can clip.
At that point there is a chance you can damage the headphones.

The headphone splitters that you find on Amazon do exactly what you’re looking for, of course you can find splitters with different build quality and price, a think to consider with it is that if the headphones have a big difference in impedance and/or sensitivity the volume will be different and in order to push one to the volume you want you can even burn the other, like a grado and a dt880 600 ohm. Anyway if a source selector makes sense because the difference between 2 DACs or 2 amps can be minimal and not simply identificabile difference between headphones usually are pretty big so ab test is not really necessary usually.