Spotify 2020 wrap up

Can you tell I have kids that know how to use the smart speakers…lol


I must confess these lists creep me out a bit…maybe more than a bit. Even so, I expected my Spotify time to be down this year due to having the Amazon HD trial for a 3 months and generally spending more time with local files and Qobuz due to upgrades in listening gear. Even so, I still put in about 24 days worth of time on just Spotify, which is only down about 2-3 days over the previous 3 years. Total music listening time is going to be way higher than that if Qobuz and Amazon added the listening time and listening to local files gets factored in. Point is, I clearly belong on an audio forum where music is also discussed a lot :slight_smile:


95% of my listening at home with my gear is on Amazon music HD.

spotify is what I use at work for podcast and in the car because amazon streaming was horrible with buffering.

So my listening time is a lot more than it appears as well.

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