Spotify going HIFI - lossless streaming incoming

While I doubt it will make me move back from Deezer, it looks like Spotify is finally going lossless, still waiting on the details and fine print, but should be interesting.


Good news everyone!
“in select markets.” is what worries…

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Ya same here, i live outside the states.
Also how many % of the music will be 320 or higher is also a concern.

And for what price it will be compared to tidal hifi plan. This is interesting if it could compete here. But as a news its very interesting and will wait more info.

Can you tell a difference?

I’ve always had some trouble with this test. The transition between A, B and X is just too smooth, giving me the impression that it’s not actually switching anything. Also in the developers console you can see logs when you fast forward or rewind, but nothing on changing the track.
Though I’m probably just looking for excuses why I can’t hear the difference an might as well just listen to 128KBps files :stuck_out_tongue:.

This ABX test will make waves again.
And strengthen the voodoo faction even more in their opinion.
To stay with the topic, it rather gives the impression that people are not really willing to offer this kind of thing.
It’s almost an own goal what Spotify is doing because most people will say if I really listen to something I won’t pay any more, or they don’t see any reason at all.
For the competition it will be that many will refer to the ABX test and claim that Spotify clearly says this and that and others do not offer what they promise.
I think the marketing gag is that they are trying to get people to stay with Spotify so they can stand up to the competition.

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Thanks for sharing this test. Bookmarked for later use.

I didn’t do well…

Yeah, i’ll just stick to Tidal

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Not sure how I feel about that test. I’m pretty sure any change I’m able to hear is all psychological, and even then my ears are telling me it’s the same. However, when I tested tracks between spotify and tidal masters I could definitely tell a very small yet notable difference between the two. Like I could easily pick out the the “x” track given the opportunity, whereas in this test it’s near impossible to tell a difference. Curious how much encoding/streaming plays a part in this effect as well, since they are both different services, but I’m still curious to see if the difference will be noticeable switching between the two once its actually within the service itself.