Spotify Playlists Mega Share!

Post your favorite Spotify playlists that you have created or that you follow.

Feel free to post your opinions on others playlists and offer suggestions of other music and artists that you think they might like based on their playlists!

I’ll kick it off with a couple of my recent playlists.


Dang nobody has Spotify playlists to share?!?!?!?

I’m not very good at maintaining playlists, and I always end up creating near enough identical ones, because I forget lol. Not very organised. Here is one that I haven’t touched for a while and quite happy with. Need to get to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same here. For me its easier to create a new playlist on the fly with the songs that I want at that point in time, rather than removing songs from a previous playlists. I have bunch of <10 song playlists.

But the one I do maintain is what I use for when I try out a set of headphones.


Here’s a couple,

First one is kind of my chill playlist, girlfriend added some of her own stuff on there

This next one is a playlist I made for the game “Enter the Gungeon” and is a fun electronic set


Looks like i got some listening to do! Most of my playlists are “Best Of” dedicated to particular artists but i have started putting together more and more compilations that are more genre and feeling oriented.

This is one that was created by me and a couple of my friends.

Dude this Time To Mellow playlist is fire!!

I am very proud of this one I made, seeing as it is a far cry from the usual metal and electronic I jam to!


This might be a disaster but we could try making a collaborative playlist where we can all add our favorite songs to one playlist. No genre, anything goes!

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This my quick playlist for summer start.
It is old meets new groove stuff…enjoy

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Great idea. Could end up a mish-mash but thats not a bad thing. Might be a good way for people to get turned on to new music they would have never come across.

this is my mostly modern hip hop playlist

this is my mostly non hip hop playlist

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Just in case there are some more Techno lovers out there…

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Has anyone else noticed TOOL pop up on Spotify recently?

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Just happened today. They announced it at the beginning of the week. Also available on Tidal. I, for one, am ecstatic!!!

This is my best playlist probably, somehow has 785 followers as of now! Mostly 60s/70s rock, with some jazz and blues mixed in.

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Good stuff, guys! I’ll throw this one in as well. Found a few new favorites on this playlist.

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I’ll let this play list speak for itself, it’s pretty awesome chill music

I didn’t create this, but I follow it. Not so bad, props to the dude that compiled it.