Spotify sucks but not why you think

Either my internet wifi is crap, it is, but I dont have this issue watching Prime Video or Spotify is crap. Some songs/albums/artists play no problem, & play until I stop it playing, but a lot will start to play & then stop, or not play at all. I can have an album up but only some songs will play on it. WTF! Again, Prime Video steaming doesnt do this.

Does it happen on a PC or a phone? I admit I do not have a lot of experience with streaming services, but on a PC it is possible that the hard drive partition where Spotify stores its music is too small - for example it is almost all taken by operating system and there is not enough storage space there.

No idea why Prime video works better on your device, maybe this streaming service is “less agressive” than Spotify with downloading content you might possibly want to play? Again, just my best guess as streaming noob :grinning:.

My gripe with Spotify is how it organizes the library, so even if it was good, i wouldn’t use it.

Not as bad as yt music mixing my music playlists with funny cat and cooking videos lol

Its on an old Samsung View tablet & I Bluetooth audio to an iFi Zen Blue V2 for both Spotify & Amazon Prime, or anything with sound I’m watching.

Before this started being an issue, after getting Spotify, I never needed to think about cleaning the drive & memory. Now I do that at least once per day, but Spotify still stops some songs, or won’t play them at all, yet Youtube plays everything, & Amazon Prime Video plays everything.

Spotify playlist issue has been around from 2017 maybe even before.
Hardly not a new problem. There are some suggested Fixes, dont know will they work.
Search “spotify playlist not playing”

I cancelled Spotify today, & started Amazon Music. Spotify was much more user friendly, but I think I found the way around the first issue. I listen to albums, not just songs. To get Amazon to play an album start to finish, the album has to be pulled up specifically.

At first going blank about what was on my Spotify playlist I listened to a lot, Holst The Planets came to mind the same time I saw Alexa. I asked Alexa to play Holst The Planets & she anounced it & began to play, but then only played track 1. I couldn’t hit next track as it was covered by the home page bar on my tablet which I could not get to drop down. So I asked Alexa to play Holst The Planets track 2 & she did but from a completely different album. Anyway I figured it out. If I open the album, go to album, then it will play all the tracks.

I wish I could just hit a button & transfer my Spotify library to Amazon.

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