Stack combo/headphone recommendation (2021)

Howdy everyone,

So I know there are A LOT of these post(s) regarding this exact same setup from everyone.
However… I do have a specific reason I’m asking. I’m partially deaf so finding the right setup for such games as Escape from Tarkov would be a great !

I am completely new at stacks etc. I am currently using Astro A50s(I know I’m a terrible person)

My budget is $1000-1200 for headphones/Dac/Amp

I am aware of Falenkors guide (Which is currently being updated) and Mad Lusts. I haven’t had much time to read through all of them as they are… rather large…

Thank you all for your assistance!

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I should add I’m not as worried about microphones as I have a Blue Yeti Blackout edition(USB).

(although a mod mic is starting to sound appealing)

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hey FT, welcome to HFG!

first question, what frequency range is your hearing impairment the most significant?

there are headphones that are good at low end, mid-range or high treble…so if you’re hearing is worse at one of those, then we can look at headphones that should be better for you.

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Thanks for asking I should have added that when I created this post.

I have a low-frequency impairment primarily(reverse slope) in my left ear. I can hear High-frequencies well (enough that I can hear when a old television is on)

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well then, being you can hear the higher frequencies, the Beyerdynamic DT-800 600 ohm are definitely on point for you. they do need a powerful amp to drive them though.

if we focus on a treble sound signature, then going with a neutral DAC and a cool Amp would do you well. you could look at the JDS Labs Atom stack…or perhaps the Geshelli ENOG / JNOG / JNOG 2 and their Archel2.5 Pro amp.

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I read about the JDS atoms amp and was highly considering it although I wasn’t able to determine what to go with it.
Originally I was just going to get HD6xx or 660s for the open soundstage and hope that they worked. But I’d gladly get the Beyerdynamic DT-800 is they’ll help!

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Okay so I’m able to find the Beyerdynamic DT-880 pro 600 ohm and I’m looking at the JDS currently. Would it be wise to just pair it with the element or go atom + a seperate DAC?

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hey FT, I would go with the Atom stack or spend a bit more for the Geshelli. they have a higher price, but they are a superior product. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help! I’m likely going with the JDS between the price to performance and the aesthetics. The Geshelli are… rather ugly.

Interesting take when you can practically make their gear look however you want… If you’re not after any colors you just do charcoal chassis with smoked black glass…

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I agree…they aren’t very stylish…but if you put your money in function over form, they are a real winner for the price.

if you’re in the US and can order from Schiit…you could consider their Modi 3+ and the Heresy. heck, at their pricing, you could also look at getting the Magni 3+ and perhaps the Loki + as well. the Modi 3+ is on the warm side of neutral while the Heresy is definitely neutral to cool. the Magni 3+ is also warmish while the Loki+ is a 4 band EQ that will let you tweak to find the best sound in between everything’s sound signature. and getting all that, you’ll be well below your $1200 budget. heck, if you’re in the US, look for used models on and r/avexchange. just make sure you don’t get duped into the previous gen…Modi 3 and Magni 3…you want the + models. The original Loki would be just fine, as I understand the Loki+, being brand new, is in back order. The Heresy was released when the Magni 3+ came out, so it’s first gen, no + to worry about.

Shots fired I’ve been called out lmfao. Nah it’s actually done I just have no net at home right now… I should be able to fix that next weekend…

Hell of a budget there… I agree with @Marzipan that the 880 is a good choice but it is a little lacking on soundstage when it comes to tarkov… not a big deal breaker but most likely the best bang for the buck option… I’d recommend trying a beyer first like the 880 if you feel it’s too lacking consider stepping up to a 1990 and if the stage still feels too small step over to t1 2nd gen… overall any of the 3 perform exceptionally well… the only other that would be solid a potentially better than 880 at the same price is the tygr

Thanks Falenkor,

I’ve got the 880s sitting in my cart right now on Amazon and I’m deciding on the amp and dac. Trying to take into account as well how it’s going to be setup at my desk.

Headphones and Amp/Dac Arrived today and now I’m setting up everything and trying to determine the best default settings. Reading JDS(yes I went JDS Atom/Dac+) It says disable all enhancements. No ideal Bitrate/hz lol.
Read somewhere to try 24Bit/41Hz to see how it sounds.
Then to determine Spatial Sounds on or off. This is going to be a fun evening.
@Falenkor and recommendations to test to find the best settings?

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In most cases you’d leave it at like 44hz 24 bit. You can go to 32 bit rates and higher hz for lossless flac music tinker with it a bit.

Spatial you can leave off and yes absolutely turn off enhancements.

Make sure pc volume is 100% set the amp at 0 and gradually turn up the amp… the amp is your volume knob.