Stack or Da Combo

Hello everyone I am looking to build my end game setup for my budget I already have my headphones- Focal Elex(second pair) but I want to change out my current amp/dac i’m using and get one that has a screen.

I know I know you can roast me about wanting a dac and amp because it has a screen but it is what it is and it’s my money.
Should I go with a stack like the L70 and E70 or get a combo unit like the dx5 or dx7? I have never used a Topping product before

my current hardware on hand consists of IFI Zen Dac, Schiit Magnius, Schiit Modius, Focal Elex(broken)

I’m always a fan of stacks because you can replace one item if it fails. If one item in a combo unit fails, you need to replace the DAC and amp as a complete unit.

Plus separate units in stacks give you the opportunity to upgrade incrementally, stretching your budget.

More flexibility with a stack. A Geshelli stack like the A 30 pro and Jnog2 socketed would be a good option too

Thanks i’ll look into that brand

great thanks for the advice i’ll take that into consideration

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