Starting to build a HT system

I’m moving soon and I’m looking to set up a Home theater system and have a general speaker question. Should I consider buying something like the $1k svs prime system that gives me a start with 5 satellite speakers and a sub, or just save and buy speakers/subs as I can such as Klipsch speakers and SVS subs. The prime system gets me started right now and I’d be able to upgrade and replace speakers over time. But waiting (Black Friday sales) would allow me to get a better system over time. Right now i have speakers I picked up years ago (SKS HT540) so technically I have something to work with now. I have a Denon 2300 and I plan to upgrade every aspect of the system (at minimum a Denon 3700).

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Welcome! How big is the room? Ive heard svs makes great speakers and subs but idk much about that bundle. I would say for movies a sub and center channel is the most important followed by front left and front right speakers, then amp, then the rear speakers last. Your amp seems decent so i wouldnt worry about that. And rear speakers dont matter all that much, so any decent ones will do.

The room is 13 x 17.5 feet and 8 feet high. This is going to be a pet project of mine, as I plan to possibly play around with layouts and such. And the wife factor is a thing ! I know Harman has a room mode calculator so placing atleast 2 subs will be my priority. I’m looking to make the system sound well at low levels as well and moderatly loud levels. I know the front stage is the most important thing to focus on but I’m just wondering if getting a base to start from (the prime satellite system)would be a better route to start from,or just getting the best speakers possible over time when I can. Mostly movies and games will be run on this system.

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I would say getting the best speakers over time, a good 3.1 can sound really awesome. And you can add cheap rears and another sub later.

SVS sub is good start.
Zeos liked the Prime Ultras much much more and kinda suggested to first get a good pair of front (L & R) speakers first. Then get the surround and center ones.

That would also be my suggestion. First get the 2.1 system (with the budget) you have.
Like trying or going to SVS ultra speakers, step up right away.
If you like the sound, then you can start getting the rest, similar ones or same series. If you do not like the sound, it’s easier to change direction at this point.
Buy if possible a identical / same series speaker for center channel or a dedicated center speaker like SVS Ultra Center.
Then the rear speakers.

You might be spending more in the end, if now buying the 1k svs set and then upgrading speakers later on, if it’s ok then it does not matter.
If the 1k satellite system is enough for the person/people listening to it, the get surround experience. Then it is enough.

End result usually is much better when starting with good pair of front speakers + sub.
Then the rest.


Solid advice, thats what I’m here for ! Thanks so much. The wife has actually told me she likes the look of the Klipsch 8000f speakers so I feel like I might be the luckiest man alive :smiley:

I’m taking all info I can get and deciding once I move and can get a better feel of the layout, but this type of info is what I’m looking for. Thanks again.

At least my local Hifistore sell’s a Klipsch home theater package with those 8000F speakers.
So it’s probably good choice as well. :slight_smile:
Also they recommenced the following speakers with them: Center: RP-404C, Surround: RP-500SA, Sub: SPL-150

Similar sound from every speaker, so overall experience is very good.
It’s much nicer to build up, after the front speakers are something that pleases with the sounds.

Klipsch RP are easy to drive. If i could do over, klipsch MTMs RP600C L/R and a RP-450C or 3 RP600C’s for the fronts.

I hear ya. I’ve actually come across a pair of 8000f’s with a 504c for $1600. Think I’m going to pull the trigger on that and start there

Id love to get towers, went minimalist a few years back, in my mind going mtm and bookself is keeping the faith. now at 7.2.4 and wonder how ridiculous i look sitting in the middle of this. Lol

If it only sounds great. No worries of aesthetics.

You doing a dedicted room, getting started on one myself. Waiting on the 3700 too for a pre/pro.