Static in Speakers When Motion on Screen

I finally bought some speakers for my desk setup, while they sound great, I’m having some issues.

Current setup:
Computer to MOTU M2 (USB), to an ATOM Amp (RCA) that goes to my headphones (jack 1/4) and speakers (RCA). Heaphones are DT 1990 and speakers are Adam Audio T5Vs.

Problem is I’m hearing static through them at all time that I’m not hearing though my heaphones. The problem gets even worse when there’s motion on screen, like if I’m scrolling a website. Could this be a problem with my PSU (RM650x) or motherboard? Could it be a bad cable? I’m completely lost and can’t find anything on my issue. Any help is appreciated.

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Sounds like a classic example of a GPU ground loop.


Try plugging audio equipment in the same or different outlets and see if it helps and if not try to isolate one component so for example your speakers into your interface or your amp or speakers to your Mobo lineout to see from where the ground loop could come.
If you can isolate it to one component than you can try some ground loop isolator or similar devices :wink:


It is likely electrical noise (= EMI) from the GPU making its way to the USB power rails.

Timestamped for those interested:

Do these devices lower the sound quality in the process?

Think some claim that filters can reduce the snappiness of the system but imo that should only be of a concern in the kilo buck range :sweat_smile:
For most mortals those filters for USB or the power plug help solve s problem and don’t have much if any negative impact on the sound

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After trying to isolate the problem, I found that the problem only arise when the speakers are connected to my amp. What’s the best way of fixing this?

Dont know is there a “best” but there are ways.
Best depends on view of looking the solution.

Does noise come also if connecting speakers to Motu M2? Just for Test.
Then it’s pretty much the PC issue. Change that… is that best solution? Dont know.

Isolate speakers completely with DAC that has network streaming. No direct connection between PC and speakers. Best solution? Dont know.

Different isolation solutions between it all. Best solution? Dont know.
Options all for sure but the problem should be pin-pointed before a proper solution.

Since then, I changed my stack to Schiit, so I have a Modi and Magni.

With speakers directly in DAC, I hear the static when I move stuff on my screen. When DAC output is in my AMP, I don’t hear static in headphones, but as soon as I plug my speakers in there, I hear it even in the headphones.

So I believe then problem comes from some interference between the amps of my speaker’s amps and PC, but again, I have no idea how to fix this.

  1. Solve the PCs GPU issue (the actual issue).
  2. Streamer DAC with Network. No direct connection between the issue and audio gear.
  3. Try Different Isolation (signal cables cable + power + etc) options till working (silent) option is found.

In my experience plastic boxes can be interference magnets (i.e. atom amp?). Metal is better against that. But before spending money I’d just suggest moving your little stack(s) elsewhere. If you hear interferences everywhere the stack is, obviously what it is plugged into is the problem. Also try different USB ports maybe, then coaxial instead of USB if possible.

Fun fact: I had interferences with my (tube) amp, moved it two inches to the left, and that fixed it.

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Hm if relocation doesn’t work you could try a cheapish DDC like the Doku u2 or the one from smsl to try to isolate your PC from your audio for good :blush: if the 50 of the Doku is worth it for you that would be my best bet, if you still have static after that your GPU definitely has a defect and gives high order interference signal into your ground which shouldn’t happen


You’re referring to the Douk U2 Pro DDC right?

Joop that’s the one :grin:

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Just making sure. With how fast audio tech can move and how often model names and numbers get reused, I didn’t want to assume. :+1:

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Hey, I just changed my GPU and it fixed the problem while giving me a good performance increase in gaming. Thanks all for you help!