🔷 Status Audio CB-1

These were definitely worth their previous 4.8-5 stars on Amazon but the build quality has taken its toll over time.

Bass - Great bass quantity with decent detail and maybe ever so slightly loose but doesn’t bleed too much into other frequencies.

Midrange - I believe it to be slightly recessed but overall pretty neutral and enjoyable.

Trebel - Darker sounding treble for sure but nowhere near the point of crushing all detail. These are great for laid back listening and do not offend at all.

Soundstage/Imaging - Soundstage is pretty decent it falls somewhere in the middle. Not insanely wide like the X2’s but not claustrophobic like HD 600’s. Imaging is decent as well, not world-beating, but their $70 sooo.

Gaming - great for casual gaming, but there are better options for competitive in this price range.

Comfort - Insanely comfortable headphones. They don’t weigh alot and the stock pads are amazing. Secure enough to stay on your head but not a super strong clamp.

BUILD - This is where these fall from the heights. The build is made of pretty crap plastic and they creak quite a bit when adjusting. The main issue, however, is their durability and lifespan. I took great care of mine and the left driver just cut out after a little over a year. Other people on Amazon have had this same issue and some others all revolving around build. They are not that expensive but not exactly dirt cheap either. If you are willing to risk potential build failure than I would still recommend at least trying these out because they were wonderful while they lasted.

Z’s review

Just tacking on my Status Audio CB-1 review…

Other things to note: Vmoda Boom Pro mic fits perfectly, and Brainwavs Round Pads (non-oval, non-XL) fit great as well.

My favorite sounding headphone so far. The imaging and separation is good enough to pull my favorite female vocalists forward, and I like that. The stock pads are nice and soft but theyre like suction cups on my ears and pop my eardrums when i take them on and off. I used a pair of nippers and a nail file to cut and sand off the locking bit on the cables so I coould insert and remove them in any direction i damn well please.