Stax advice required

Im currently using an ancient set of SR202 that i have Zeos ultra modded and have recently got hold of a used SRM252s energiser to replave the old SRM212.
Im about to get some cash so my question is;
Do i get a SRM 353X energiser to max out the performance of the 202’s OR
Get a set of L700’s knowing the 252s wont get the best out of them?
The used 252s was a huge improvement over the old 212 so my inclination is the energiser route.

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the 353X is very likely to improve the sound on the 202’s, but I don’t think it will be earth shattering. and if y ou get the L700 II, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice putting them on the 252s.

what you might think of doing is getting the Drop / Koss 95x and the adapter cable that will let you use them on the 252s, as that will be a significant leap vs. the energizer it comes with. I lost my 202’s in a move but still have my 252s and when I have some coin, my plan to do just that, get he 95x and adapter cable so I can use them on it. :smiley:

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Kinda my thoughts too. Plus the 353X is a bit cheaper than the L700’s.
I fully intend to own a set of L700 at some point so i’ll pass on the Koss 95x suggestion and save up.
At least i’d have an energiser worthy of them when i do finally get a set

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try selling your 252s to subsidize getting the 353x :wink:

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I have 353X + L700 and on Hugo 2 I max out the volume at end of color red on volume knob, that is very low volume, I think it’s below 2 vrms. When using Hugo 2 as a DAC for my receiver, I go to almost dark blue so… what I want to say ? L700 are very easy to drive. I think Z on his 252 review or another cheap stax amp said something like “I don’t remember my L700 sounded this good with the bigger amp” so maybe L700 is not hard to drive, which is also my impression. L700 gets loud really fast with 353X.

I have no experience with other amp so I don’t know if a better amp improves transients or not.

There’s the catch, L700 are fatiguing and with EQ it’s much less and using EQ, you will need 6-7-8-9-10 dB more and that’s a lot and maybe 252s won’t be enough.

And another catch, some people say older models were thinner sounding and thin means detail so L700 might not be an upgrade.

When all this covid rubbish is over I intend to demo the L700 with my 202’s with both the 353X and a 252 so it won’t be a cold purchase.
I’ve had Stax for decades so I’m used to their sound sig and don’t find them fatiguing but I do have Loki in line so have the opportunity to eq if required.

A very delayed update.
I bought a used mjolnir kgsshv energiser and after demoing the L700s (found them fatiguing) got a new set of sr-007 mkii.
This is now being fed via a denafrips pontus ii / hermes ddc combo.
Unless my numbers come up i think this set up will see me out.