STAX SR-L700MK2 Help

Hi everyone! I recently purchased a brand new set of STAX SR-L700MK2 and STAX SRM-D10 and have noticed a “buzzing” noise come only from the left side driver of my L700. I’ve tried googling this issue to no avail as it seems very hard to come across people who own the same setup or even have this issue to begin with. I’m kinda at a loss here and had no where else to turn, if more info is needed I’ll try my best to answer. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you!

PS: This is my very first electrostatic setup, really hoping I didn’t just get unlucky here and have a manufacture issue.

Make sure you don’t have a hair or debris in the driver, perhaps try and blow in it and make sure there isn’t anything in the driver. Estats are very sensitive and can have issues if something gets into the driver. But if these are new def try and get these returned and a new pair if that’s not it

Ah my bad should have mentioned this was the first thing I tried, I even used a can of compressed air to gently air it out

EDIT: Purchased from StaxAudio . com Should I just send an email? Sorry if this is a bit obvious just unsure as to how I should see about getting a new pair no idea if there is a warranty with this sort of thing :confused:

Hmmmmm if these are that new this might be burn in, so I would leave them on for a few nights and see if it subsides (which can happen). It could also be your srm-d10, is the buzzing consistent or does it fade or change sometimes?

Yes I would def send them and email now, since these are new I would honestly just have them deal with the issue if one happens

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Buzzing is consistent, any time audio is being pushed through I can hear it

Yeah that’s strange, and also to make sure it’s not a ground loop, does this happen when the d10 is not connected to any pc/source