🔶 Stax SR-X9000

This is the official thread for the Stax SR-X9000

This thread is for discussion and reviews.


  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…


First bit for the X9000 :+1:

Anyone else order one of these? Will be very curious to see how it compares against the 009 and 007, hopefully it’s closer to an omega than a new 009 version


I wonder how it stax up against the new Audeze estat and DCA Voce!

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At least from my experience the voce didn’t hold up well in comparison to other estats like the 009/007, shangri la jr, es1a when it came to technical ability. It was fine but it didn’t have the resolution those did, didn’t have as impressive dynamics, timbre, speed and speration, etc. I did enjoy it’s tuning and find it’s a nice departure from what you typically get compared to others, but it’s price was just too high given what others could offer above it. Build and comfort was pretty amazing though

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Nice new profile pic M0N

lol thanks

And on the note of the crbn really curious about that one. I should be able to get to hear one along with an lcd 5 when a friend gets his pairs, but it’s taking quite a while for the crbn so perhaps they are pretty delayed

What about lcdx? Would like to hear your opinion too

Hello detail monster

It should be, but I’d hope they get the rest right too lol, detail is always great, but how it’s presented is more important imo

Mmmm, yes. My monitor’s built in speakers have never sounded better.

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