Stax SR5 faceplate mod

I’m thinking about changing the faceplate(?) on my cans. I may have access to a 3d printer, so have been thinking a bit about the design and what would be worth doing. I am toying with something like an Audeze Fazor array for them, but don’t think they move enough air for it to be really worth it. I could also do a fibonacci design like the some people have done for Koss gear, or could go all out and do a fazored fibonacci. If anyone more experienced in this matter would like to chime in that’d be sweet.

I settled on a Fazor array. I have designed them for the Brainwavz round pads with a 55mm ID and pads with an ID of 60mm. I have yet to print and test them, but will report back with sound changes.


Wondering if you ever followed-up on printing / installing the Fazor-style faceplate for your Stax SR-5s and, if so, how did they turn out? Any change to the sound?


ooee its been a while but yeah, finally got around to it this year, my file in thingiverse and grabcad is amazingly fucked up, may remodel it, but it looks pretty dope

As for sound I didnt really notice that huge of a change, maybe just a shade roomier which is nice on these relatively narrow phones.

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