Stax SRD-7 Amplifier Adapter

Has anybody ever used one of these before?

Presumably they are cheap because they are not as good as “real” energisers. If they are however decent enough, are they worth looking into? As apposed to going the ESP 95X route.

A more expensive version of something like this is the ifi iESL, and that does sound great, so it’s not necessarily the fact that it’s not a real energizer, it probably just isn’t as high quality as other offerings

For that money, would I not be better to get the energiser that comes with the L700?

Well, you could, but honestly the iesl and a nice amp might sound better imo. The iesl could be a bit cheaper though. It just gives you way more options

Am I then talking $1000+ amps also? I suppose once you have forked out on L700s, it would be an injustice to cheap out on energising it.

Even something like a 789 or 887 would be fine. You can easily go overkill though. I could use something like my headamp gs-x mk2 and it might get better

Lol or I could use my parasound Halo a21+ and never have to worry about power

I just finally got a good deal on an estat headphone I wanted to add to my collection, but I will just use the included amp

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What did you get? The L300 bundle is tempting but I know I will want to upgrade.

The Sonoma model one. I think it’s an estat that actually sounds natural with good timbre. Also the amp has built in dsp

Nice! That’s well endgage money for me.

Honestly the koss 95x is great imo and a better package then the l300. The l300 limiteds are an upgrade though

Wish I could demo them. Might actually start looking into the wider estat market before I buy.

I am reaching the point where I want one more “big buy” and then just relax with my current gear for a couple of years before I repeat the cycle

That is also an option. The higher end stax are pretty nice

The SRD-7/Mk2 or SRD-7 Professional are the absolutle best ways to drive STAX without buying something like the Mjölnir Audio SRD-7 transformer box. You’ll need a good speaker amplifier to use with it, but they smoke every other integrated energizer out there period.