Stereo system for small bachelor flat

I’m selling my 5.1 Onkyo system because the sub is too much for my place. I’m on the second floor and constantly keep volume at low levels because the scale of the sound of this system just feels too big.

I’d like to get a stereo reciever with two bookshelves speakers that will be good for a small bachelor flat (open plan with everything in one room basically).

Budget for the whole setup is up to about $350.

If anybody can help I’d appreciate it. Would like a system that is versatile in terms of music genres because I listen to a lot of different types with bass focus (hip hop, house music) and midrange (Mandy Moore, Diana krall, Norah Jones) and orchestral music. If I could I’d just pick up a powered speaker setup but I’m interested in having AM/FM included. If there’s a great powered speaker setup that has that feature that would be great.

Let me know if I must add any other details, thanks and again any help is appreciated.

Since the budget is the mentioned.
I would probably look something in the used markets.
If there would be some AM/FM featured integrated amp around 100-150$.
Then look bookshelves with the remaining 200-250$.

Anything new would probably be something like a Mini-Stereo system, like Denon D-T1.
or those all in one type of speakers/boombox systems.


The Ruark Audio MR1 MKII’s punch well above their size, Bluetooth connection so you could stream from your phone or PC which would sort the
AM/FM thing, it has a sub out if you wanted add one later and they’re a super solid and classy build :+1:

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Thanks that’s what I was thinking, the used market isn’t that big where I’m at.

What do you think of the mini hifi option of the denon d-t1? It looks like it may be good but most people rate the Sony cmt-sbt100 and never seen mentions of the denon. Though, can’t get the Sony by me anyways.

I’ll go check it out now🤙🏼

edit: for picture

not sure if you have mono price stuff available where your at

also, since you like bass centered music, you may want to consider one of the 2.1 systems. swan and edifier both have good offerings for 350$ or less.

Just checked, unfortunately don’t deliver to my country, sucks when you’re very limited in choice because anything worth it’s salt is rather expensive and the more affordable good products are never here.

Would be nice but just can’t get anything with a sub for my place.

No opinions what so ever.
As in one example of mini-stereo. :slight_smile: There are plenty more.
Still the used market would be the best bet.

Thanks after looking around I’m definitely going to look into the used market a bit.

There’s a good price for some wharfdale d320 bookshelf speakers.

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there are 4",5", and 6 1/2" subs that will add some weight to 35-80hz when playing at low volumes to give a more balanced sound. can help small setups sound more full. don’t think of a mini sub in the traditional sense of a sub. they fail miserably at trying to be big subs. but they do a great job of giving lower mids and upper lows some body and extension in small speaker setups.

the d320 are good. mellow treble with a warm tuning. the basic integrated stereo receivers from sony/yamaha are good as well. they are around 150$ and go on sale for cheaper. the sony has a warmer tuning then the yamaha. used should be able to get for 100$ or so.

edit: also when in a random country(no offense meant), I always recommend posting your main website you can get gear from to see what options you have available. saves time =)

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Thanks I appreciate the help, I think I’m set to get the wharfdale pair and then looking into a Cambridge audio amp. It will unfortunately take AM/FM out of the picture for now but could save for the next few months to add something to the setup for that.

Haha no worries no offence taken. Makes sense, the main site (here in South Africa) I’ve found is , contacting them tomorrow to see what options they may offer.

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look for a used anything with fm radio and pre outs of any kind. should be tons used for cheap. there are also new just fm tuners, but they are surprisingly expensive lol.

edit: something like this, but in your area

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