Stereo through single center channel?

This probably seems like a dumb question, but I can’t for the life of me seem to find a straightforward answer.

I ordered a center channel speaker to use as the SOLE speaker in my living room. I will be using no other speaker until a maybe get another center channel to use in stereo.

Anyway, my question is how to hook up a center channel to output stereo instead of mono? Or am I just better off playing it in mono? The amplifier I use is just a little Topping MX3, and my center channel is the Triangle Borea BRC01.

Also, anybody have experience using two center channels for a stereo setup?

I would treat it as a regular Full-Range speaker. So set up as you would normally.

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got 4 sets of MTMs🥴. thought of getting three klipsch RP600C but learned bookshelves do better at producing bass.
Now im thinking of going single floorstander for my center channel.

Also, i prefer to run center ch above a TV setup.

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Stereo means 2 speakers, as in left and right. So technically you cannot stereo in to one speaker.
So Mono is the way and if MX3 cannot mono, it should be done from source/source device if possible.
Some amps have ability to mono single or multiple speakers. Amp dependent.

Like any other speaker.
BUT good thing to know is since you have two midrange/bass and would have four in the future (2 speakers = left and right). Running two center channel speakers is not recommended due to issues with improper timing resulting in distorted sound, comb filtering, and additional sound distortion and confusion. If you are dead center and aiming is good, probably no big issues but moving and not being in center position… possible issues.

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If youre in the center listening position should be okey. Worried about the position of the tweeter, although seen MTMs with similiar offset tweeter.

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Thanks everybody! Great information to know for sure. To shed some light on this the reason I’m wanting to use only center channel speakers is because they’re shorter than bookshelves. I’m needing this because I am using a projector setup in the living room of my apartment.

Unfortunately I don’t really have enough wall space to prop bookshelves or towers on the sides, so I was wanting to put the center channels under the bottom of my projection since they would fit better than a bookshelf. Plus the tweeters and woofers would be as high up as the possibly can be since the height will already be pretty limited.

I wasn’t aware that there could be sound distortion having multiple centers though. Are there any other options I’m unaware of? Also, if it helps in any way I wouldn’t be against changing up my amp setup. My Topping MX3 is just a headphone amp with stereo speaker outputs.

Buy a AVR. Not sure how zeos setup his rolling flatscreen in his kitchen hes running a center channel and sub so 1.1 lol.

I think if you sit at dead center listening position should be fine. I got a 2.1 under TV system, R/L speakers are horizontal, sounds fine sitting in middle.

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After watching it again. It pretty much was a similar solution i had my brain thinking before editing this post again. :smiley:

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There you go, hifiguides is on the case!

Haha that video did help for sure. I’ve been using the center I got today in mono and have actually been surprised with how much detail can be pumped out of 1 speaker.

Don’t get me wrong, I can still tell it’s not a stereo setup at times. But most of the time I end up forgetting I’m not using a pair of bookshelves. I’ll definitely be getting a second speaker eventually, but for now I don’t have many complaints (:

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Well. Sometimes i just use single JBL BT speaker and it’s Mono.
Mostly when taking Zeos with me to shower (+toilet) and afternoon naps. :smiley: There are needs single speaker can easily satisfy and can be cheap.