Stock up on tubes!

Didn’t know where to put this but, thought it is important news. With Russia cut off of trade and I seen some stuff online about problems china’s tube production. I would recommend picking up a spare set of tubes if you can find any at decent prices. some are staring to go up a lot in price, I’m already set and have hundred of tubes. but thought I’d put this out there for anyone before they need to replace their tubes and might not be able to get any, or at least affordable ones.


I’d reccomend checking out New old stock tubes or buy any from any manufacturers while you can get them.

I’d also suggest to stock up on tubes that don’t have good new production equivalents too, so I wouldn’t worry as much about things like 300B, 2A3, 845/211, 45, PX25 etc (for some reason new production DHT have gotten really great, also some new production rectifiers like 5U4G or 274B also good, new production things like EL34 or KT88 are hit or miss though but they’ve gotten good enough) and more on things like 6SN7 and those variants, 12Awhatever7 and all those variants, basically the smaller tubes that are typically a lot better NOS and new production isn’t there yet so those are going to be more desirable and more important to lock down first imo

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yeah I just ordered some ecc88s for my lyr 1. since I only have 1 spare set of the tubes I use, I have tons of tubes for my darkvoice. and a few hundred random tubes I picked up here and there and on lots online.

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