Strange electrical noise - Muse M4

So this is a bit bizzard…

After a pretty long wait i got my new Muse HIFI M4, a hook up my current daily driver iem (Kiwi Ears Quintet) and the second i hooked it up to the 4.4 i got this strange strange electrical noise, regardless of what gain setting or volume setting, and its not a stubble static of a noise floor its a “distorted” high pitched electrical noise even stranger its that its inconsistent.

The noise appears only when hooking up this specific IEM, ive had the Quintent for over a week and had been running them on the FIIO BTR5 with no issues what so ever. Ive also tested other iems, none have had this issue, and rested the Quintet on the BTR5 (to make sure it didnt “break” it, works perfectly)

The noise is particularly noticeable when hooking it up to the 4.4mm, its there on the 2.5mm but weaker, and on the 3.5mm its very weak, and then after 3-5 seconds it fades away.

Ive also tried swapping cables changed cables - i used my Hart audio cable to test all 3 ports (its the only cable that i have all 3 connectors) and i used my Chimera cable that came with my Z12s to test the 4.4 and the 3.5 (the 2.5mm broke a while back), and used some generic 3.5mm cables - all of them had the noise (i also tested other IEMs, no noise on any ports)

Whats even weirder is that the noise seems to be stronger if you connect them while the device is on, compared to when the IEM is already plugged in, and then powering it on…

To me this isnt much of an issue since it has only shown itself on the Kiwi Ears Quintet, none of my other IEMs or headphones so far, and since they dont really need power, so i’ll just plug them into the 3.5mm where the noise fades.

After testing and retesting it over and over either im getting used to the noise (which i dont think so) or its getting weaker, possibly the M4 just needs to break in?

The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe one of the drivers on the Quintet doesn’t like the M4 (it has 4 different type of drivers), but i cant prove it since its the only time ive had this issue with any iem (ive also tested the Quintet on several desktop amps with no issues)

if a IEM is more sensitive it’ll be more likely to pick up electrical noises (my Thor Mjolnir MK2 can pick up the volume relays clicking in a BTR5 when changing volume, nothing else I own or have owned was able to detect that).
if you’re using wired depending what your source is (PC’s make a lot of noise that can be transmitted through USB) can amplify issues or be the issue for noise.
if you’re using BT then its just the muse being noisy, an impedance adapter could be a cheap help/fix.

it is strange cuz the Quintet is only 108db/mw in sensitivity (and 32ohm) which is not that sensitive.

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It was connected via BT so not the source
One of the iems i used to to test was the THIEAUDIO Legacy 3 its also 108db, so its not that the M4 is “noisy” in the conventional sense - also if it was regular noise then i would assume changing gain and/or volume, setting would increase/decrease the noise - it didnt

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