Strange issue with my DAP

So I’m trying to import an album that’s 24 bit 192khz into my fiio m11 and even though it’s successfully on my micro sd card some reason I can’t import it into the fiio music app. I have other 24bit192khz music on there and it pops up on the card but this particular album doesn’t.

I’ve tried rebooting the DAP, turned off and on a few times and even found the music folder of the album and scanned it to import it which turned out to just say 0 songs imported.

Not sure what’s the next step, the album plays fine on my laptop so I’m out of ideas. Not sure if this happens to you guys for either the same DAP or other ones and if you guys have a solution.

I would suggest posting to the new Fiio M11 thread 🔶 FiiO M11
You are more likely to find someone there who knows what the issue is, when people start coming through.
If the issue gets solved it is also more likely for someone to find it in the future if they experience the problem.

Have you tried using a different player app? Like Hiby Music?

What file format is it?

It’s flac, and so far since I’m at work I can’t do much but I also imported another 24 bit 192khz album which the fiio music app doesn’t scan for even though I’m looking at the folder on the m11 but I will also post on the fiio thread too hopefully I can get some confirmation if flac 24/192 is indeed supported.

It for sure is, it should pick it up if you select the individual folder. Try going into settings on the fiio music app, then clicking on scan for music, and then select the individual folder that has the music

Yep tried that and though I see the folder there I click to scan media and get 0 files added to library

Hmm, I’ve never had that issue with a .flac file. What format is your SD card?

It came as an exfat by default
Samsung evo 512gb from Amazon and I even checked to see if it was fake lol

Do other files add just fine? I’m using 2 512gb Samsung cards as well, and have no issues whatsoever. I wonder if those files are corrupted somehow, since I had an issue with a flac that didn’t copy over correctly that wouldn’t add either. I would try to add a different 24/192 flac and see if it adds. If it does, there’s a problem with the flac files themselves, either in encoding or metadata

Well my sade album is 24/192 and that’s when I first encountered the issue then I thought maybe it was the file so I dropped my Mozart requiem in there 24/192 as well and did the same thing. At the moment I’m installing hibymusic and seeing if it works there and then after that I’m gonna convert my 192khz to 96 and see if it transfer over well

Yeah, it sounds like there’s an issue with your fiio music app, so seeing if hibymusic works is your best bet. I’d contact fiio about this as well. I have also experienced random crashing with the fiio music app

Welp looks like it might just be the app because on hibymusic it not only detects the albums but they play flawlessly there too. I wrote an email earlier to fiio support not sure how long for a reply since I believe the company is based in China

Just wait on the firmware update that’s coming. It may solve many issue that the Fiio Music app is having.

Yeah it exhausted me into defeat…for now. Of all albums my sade will have to wait smh

The Hiby Music App sounds the same as the Fiio Music App. Besides it also has PEQ that really let’s you tune your sound.

Yeah I started to mess with it and I do like it, but something about the interface of fiio just looks more appealing. I will use hibymusic in the meantime though.

I have to use the fiio music app because of the setup I’m using. Fiio music is the only app that really works properly with USB audio output. I would really love to use UAPP, but since there’s no play store, I can’t