Struggling to find the right IEM

I have very small ears also sensitive ones, IEM’s are my only option though due to clamping on regular headphones, it bothers my head and TMJ issues.

I’ve been using the GR07’s for years have always liked them but just wanted something better wider soundstage, punchy, not harsh etc.

I’ve tried the follow Moondrop Starfield, ISN H40, Blon 03, ikko OH10

My favorite sounds out of these was probably the OH10 but the weight and size was a problem for my ears, the weight was uncomfortable and the size had the casing digging into my ears

The others all sound alright but never gave me the same vibe, also some had deep insertion which is uncomfortable for me

So I’m looking for recommendations on anything else I havnt tried, comfort is the most important aspect tied with sound… I don’t want anything that is deep insertion

I listen to rock and metal mostly but a little bit of everything. I currently use a custom Ipod Classic with the Wolfson DAC but I think I’m upgrading to the M11 soon

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I wonder if you need something thats not gonna be fully in ear, like a tin t2, blon 3, final audio, etymotic, you should check those out. Also smaller tips as well.

Another thing to look at is the nozzle diameter. I’m pretty sure that Shure IEMs have very small nozzles so maybe have a look at them.

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What’s your price range?

$300 would be my max

A friend of mine has really small ears and found the FiiO FA7 to fit perfectly, they might look big but they might be the right size for you

I honestly think you’d enjoy the Oriolus Finschi Hifi Edition. Below is a graph between the OH10 and Finschi’s. The nozzle is shorter and for a more shallow fit I would suggest using Dekoni TWS ear tips. They work well if you don’t want a deep insertion.