Studio 520c + 550p

so with the studio series sale I was thinking. mount a 520c on top of a 550p sub for a traditional 3 way design horn load! mount them on short stands with iso feet on the sub and thin layer of foam for the 520c

With the sales atm, would be 640$ for 2.2 front. Just a thought I may pull the trigger on myself. i would like the looks more than the 580’s+sub or the 530’s+sub

I have not read any reviews of the 520c, but based off of other centers vs their bookshelf counterparts, I would imagine the 520c sounds like the 530’s with increased low end punch from the additional woofer.

Maybe i am wrong, but to me seams like you would get a really good sounding system for pretty cheap right now doing that.

I personally think the studio 530 would just be the better choice imo, as the 520c is meant to be a center channel, not a full range speaker. Also the sub and the center may cause sound issues since you would want to cross over the frequencies, and tbh I don’t think it would sound as coherent as a 530. Also the 530 puts out a decent amount of bass (more than you would think at first)

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I C, one can dream haha. was a thought, would of looked good to me together =)

530s are lovely :grin:

they look great man! i really need to change from a corner desk to have more speaker room lol

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those are some nifty looking speakers. they almost look like some form of fancy microphone!

? What mic are you referring to (just curious)?

in the picture…that looks like a giant mic port. look at your phone…look at the speakers. comprende? :wink:

I mean, I guess I don’t see it lol. Mic port. Hmmmm

a giant port…like 10,000 times the size it should be.

Currently running the 530s with the 550P as a sub. I would say that is the much better system. A center speaker is more useful in a home theater situation in my opinion than in a music system. Or in a very large room where your left and right might lack the power to fill the entire room. A center speaker is not the best in terms of imaging either as it tends to compress the soundstage. At least in my experience.

EDIT: Also the sale is unfortunately over, but it was $299 for the 530s and $189 for the 550p at one point. $500 or so for a great sounding system in my opinion.

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Yeah, I’m getting that now lol. Do not have a lot of experience with centers, did not realize they tuned them differently. Would look good though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, I kind of get ya. i found the 530’s a bit ugly at first. But they honestly look better in person, especially on the desk as a system. Might just be me though. My gf found them to look nice as well so they passed her WAF at least.

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