Studio Monitors <$300

I’ve mainly been a headphone listener up to this point, but I’m looking to add a set of speakers to my kit. I’m thinking powered, but I could be persuaded otherwise. Currently looking at the Edifier 1700BT or the Fluance AI40. Others I should look at?

I should also say that I am considering stretching the budget for Adam T5Vs… but I don’t really want to spend more than $200 at this point in time. Again, I can probably be persuaded.

Personally I would stretch a bit or look for a used pair that closer meets your budget imo if you are looking for studio monitors, I think it will be worthwhile. The jbl 305p are also very solid monitors for the price. This is if you are looking for studio monitors, if not perhaps look for a used pair of vanatoo t0 or those fluance you mention

My use will be in a small office space, near field, mostly lower volume levels. If that helps any.

Gotcha, what music do you listen to again? And do you have a dac?

I listen to a bit of everything, but mostly folk at this point in time. I have a Schiit Stack as a source.

Currently I can get a used set of the Fluance AI40 for $150, or a pair of used Adam T5V for $300. I’m leaning toward the Fluance, just as an entry, since I’m not sure how much I’ll actually listen to them.

That’s correct, that’s per speaker, try and look for a pair of the mk2 used in good condition

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So, that price is open box for a pair. Seems like a good deal? A set of JBLs for $180?

look up Z’s review on the mackie powered. i believe he says they are one of the best at low listening levels.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the JBLs.


I just demo’d a bunch yesterday for a few hours… I really enjoyed the focal lineup over Adam, Neumann, Yamaha, and AE… Even the cheapest Focal (forgetting the model) were pretty great.

Maybe a pair of Fluid Audio FX50 ?

That hasn’t been my experience with them, but they were decent imo

got ya. have not heard them.