Stuffy/not stuffy nose causing audio difference. Anyone have same experience?

Hi there, so these few days I have been keeping my house windows closed as my household shrank and less people are using the space and I am out often. I did this to prevent dust from entering the house so I don’t need to sweep everyday. I wasn’t able to do this my whole life before as my household usually consists of a few people and quite active in the house everyday.

Now not only I realised that the floor is alot cleaner now but also my nose is less clogged (I have my nose clogged every single day, its just the severity of it, its extremly rare I get a unclogged nose). After some sessions of listening to music, I heard my left right balance improve. Now today, my nosed is even less clogged, im experiencing a sound signature change. I feel odd now experiencing how people felt about my headphones (Corsair HS 35 , the treble hurts to listen to) , I was like its ok to listen to but now its like earrape.

So anyone have any experince similar to mine like having a flu and hearing things diffrently? I really feel bad as I don’t think I can really enjoy audio to its fullest due to my condition. Now I feel so sorry for the people who have hearing problems, it really sucks.

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I can imagine that you are not crazy. Nose is connected to our ears in some way (I’m no biologist and didn’t take interest in this, I am sure somebody here can explain why you are experiencing it).

You know when you are on an airplane and your ears pop? You can depop them through your nose. I personally can change the pressure in my ears with the help of my nose. I have to pinch my nose and either blow or inhale (mouth is usually closed, but I didn’t find that open mouth changed anything, I could still change the pressure in my ears). It’s a weird thing to explain, basically I have my nose pinched and “blow out” - this makes everything louder and unnatural. My whole life I have been pinching my nose and “inhaling”, this is the only way that things sound natural to me. My parents never took it seriously, so I never went to the doctor to get it “checked”.

I just know that people usually open their mouth wide open when their ears pop on the airplane, this is the same effect as “blowing out” with nose pinched - so I always pinch my nose and inhale in to make everything sound normal… I’m not sure if other people hear differently than me, but that’s just how I have been doing it my whole life. And I do it on a daily basis (pinch nose and inhale in), because things such as a sneeze or a yawn cause everything to be louder (unnatural to me). A simple things such as swallowing (liquid) also can change the pressure in my ears, and immediately after I usually pinch my nose and do my “inhale in” thing. Yup. Weird.

Your case sounds similar in the sense that your ears are used to your nose being clogged, and now that your nose is not clogged everything sounds different. I don’t think it’s a condition but maybe it is - I also don’t consider my “thing” a condition, but it also may be one… just never had the need to go to a doctor and explain them

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When my nose clogs up (either from a cold or because I did a lot of wood work), hearing takes a step back.

Not the best image, but this is how it is all connected together:


Yeah it’s something similar. But yours you can manually “adjust” it (Lol) , mine no matter how I blow my nose or try to pop/depop it, it stay the same.

It depends on the nose itself if it wants or not.

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You said it well, I can “manually adjust” it… however, when I have a stuffy nose, or just a yawn/sneeze/swallowing, sometimes I cannot change it - it changes back to the popped “version”. That’s when it gets annoying, because typically it stays popped only in one ear. When this happens I can’t really listen to music, and I haven’t found a way to fix it, no solution… at least that I am aware of

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What I can contribute is: if dust is a problem never so much as contemplate sharing your dwelling with an African Grey parrot.

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No, I’m just super sensitive/my area is super polluted due to overdevelopment. I have been like this since I was a child.

I am already planning for what I’m going to do in the new house but I can’t afford it now (A mini HVAC system, I live in apartment with plaster ceiling). I do have a cheap HEPA air filter tho but the problem is I don’t really have a room all for myself.

When my ears have issues or infections headphones bother me and i cant wear anything closed. I can get away with some open cans but they need to be mild like my hd6xx

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