SU-8 Died, Need to Replace It

I got the OK to buy a Bifrost 2, but there’s some other options that I need your experience to help me decide if that’s what I want to do. Let’s assume my budget is $700.

I am also considering an upgrade to my portable rig as part of this. I could go with iFi iDSD Micro Black Label and use it to feed my RNHP, ESP95X, and iLoud micro monitors and then unplug it to be used as a portable rig. How is that as a DAC? Or is it a better amp than RNHP? I have no idea.

Another option I’m looking at would be XDUOO XD05+ for portable, and some other DAC (balanced would be nice) with the remaining $340.

You guys have any ideas?

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What happened to your SU-8? Isn’t it still under warranty?


It cuts out frequently, but not frequently enough to prove that anything is wrong with it. It’s more annoying than broken, but it is dead to me. haha. Using an earstudio es100 in the meantime. Never filled out a warranty card or anything like that, so I don’t think so.

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Who did you buy it from? I bought mine from Shenzhen Audio. I would contact them and pay the $50.00 (I am guessing) to return to China. They will replace it.

I bought it from Massdrop before it was Drop. I’m not going to try it. It’s time for something new. Let me have my fun.

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Last suggestion - If it is less than a year old MassDrop will replace it or refund it.

I am also looking at a BF2. I will sell my SU-8 or more likely put it in my office set-up.

My suggestion was just meant to say “don’t leave money on the table” as you move to the BF2.

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Unfortunately, it’s more than a year old. Thanks, though

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It’s a solid dac, not the same tier as the bifrost 2 but it is good (I think it’s more on the same tier as the su8), warmer smoother leaning, pretty enjoyable. The amp portion in there is also very good and will power mostly anything you throw at it, and the bass boost is great. I don’t think it’s as refined as the rnhp, but I do think it handles more hungry headphones and iems better than the rnhp

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