Sub-1000 vs psw10 vs sub1010 - confusion

I want to believe the sub-1000 is superior to the psw10, but then that would mean either the psw10 isn’t as bad as people say, or the sub1010 sucks, because the sub1010 is supposedly no better than the psw10 even though people say it is. How can I believe the sub-1000 is better due to only word of mouth?

reference material:

online articles, forums

this video; (24) Budget Amazon 10-inch Subwoofer Showdown: Polk, Klipsch, Elac, Yamaha, Sony - YouTube

polk has been making speakers since the 70’s. they are also huge and owned by even huger company. they can do shit at prices others cant. combine that with first gen elac stuff being ok, but not great(they were brand new and had to make money first). that elac also has a 60watt class a/b amp. class d amps are faster and typically considered far better for subs. and 60 watts is very weak for a sub amp.

the current gen of subs for elac start with the number 3. 3010/3020/3030 and use much more powerful class d amps. they learned their lesson.

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Conclusion being?

Seems the dayton and polk are the same price now, dayton seems even better now

get the dayton. or a klipsch when they are on massive sale(though you roll the dice with their amp failing)

those are the 2 best subs for less then 200. that and the used market. i have gotten really nice subs for 150$ used.

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that’s the answer I expected lol, I don’t trust anything klipsch sub-wise under the spl series

what sites do you recommend second hand? audiogon, ebay, hifi shark, accessories for less??

eBay, Craigslist. Craigslist can have crazy deals. Goodwill is another good one to check. Get thousand dollar speakers for 10$

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