Sub 150 iem recommendations


I am looking for a sub 150 iem as in the title.

I listen to rock, metal, drum and bass, hiphop, goa, and almost anything else.

Currently i have a tin 2 and i dont really like it. The tuneing is fine but its just a wall of sound without detail or seperation. I dont care mutch for soundstage but i would like clearity and imaging to be ok.

For now its going to be powered by a galaxy a71 but i am planning on getting a btr or an utws.

I have looked at the moondrop arias and the shouer tape pro but i would appritiate other recomendations.

I can maybe strech the price if it is worth it.

Thank you very mutch!

I’ve been absolutely loving my FH3’s after being thoroughly unimpressed by the T2’s.

Running them off the UTWS3S-MORELETTERS-1234567890’s right now!


It looks like you’re describing Timeless, if you could stretch to 170-180 (I think it’s still on sale).


^^^ x2 scale well too :+1:

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I have the Tape Pro and it does work really well for hip-hop, dnb and techno. For genres like rock, in stock form the voices do feel a bit hollow and thin.
It is pretty detailed.

I put tuning foam inside the nozzle and now it really sounds good with every genres of music.

Consider the Tape also because he doesn’t have the sub bass and treble roll off that TP has. I have the TP and I might try to buy a Tape at some point :man_shrugging:t4:

I have not heard the Aria but I feel that it would like bass/sub bass and a lot of people call it muddy.

I have IEMs from 50$ to 500$ pricerange. If you want a good taste of well tuned Beryllium drivers get the TRI Meteor. If you want to save 50 bucks to safe for the next price
bracket get the Blon BL-Max they have an incredibly good bang/dollar ratio for bass afficinados.

BTW just listening to the best DnB album ever (which I listened to 1 thousand times) with the TRI Meteor - LTJ Bukem - Progression Sessions.

Just perfect.

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TRI Meteor with this max bass EQ, very nice:

What EQ app is that?

I ordered a TRI Starsea btw yesterday. It’s the waiting game now…

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For sure…. :+1:

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Lookin forward to your impression on them. The Starseas doesn’t get talked about too much in forums.

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I sure will. :upside_down_face:

Indeed, sometimes it feels like only a handful of (really good) IEMs are being actively talked in forums.

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Maybe another contender…


I almost pulled the trigger on the Starsea but I ordered O2
Peer pressure from the forum lmao


2nd’d on the FH3, or if you want a single DD i’ve really come to love the FD3 at that price range.

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I have the Starsea a couple of days now. First impressions are really positive, though I feel I need to spend some more time with them before jumping into any conclusions.

For now, I’ll keep A/B-ing them with other pairs I currently have in my possession, mainly the Galaxy Buds+ which I know the sound signature pretty well of.

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They do be looking fresh tho.

How’s the fit? Cuz they looks quite big here with the tuning switches and stuff.
Or maybe it’s just the camera angle making them look bigger.

Fit wise they are challenging, but so are most other wired IEMs I’ve tried. I have average sized ears and a wonky right ear canal that makes equalizing pressure and positioning of the tip fiddly.

The body is slightly larger than the Galaxy Buds+, which is a medium sized TWS. Starseas’ nozzle however is noticeably longer, so long bore tips might be the better choice.

Sound wise, Starsea sub-bass is real vs the Buds+ which struggle to extend. Also, female vocals are enjoyable vs Buds+ somewhat shouty vocals and cymbals/hi-hats. Starseas’ soundstage is much deeper and as wide as the Buds+. Height is slightly better too.

All other sound aspects I didn’t mention are comparable between the two sets, which if you think about it is a testament for Buds+ since it’s a TWS to begin with.

Not sure if burn-in is a thing, but will certainly give them some time; if sound signature changes in any appreciable way, I’ll chime in again.