Sub-50$ IEM list?

Hello all!

My Tin T2 left monitor has decided to stop working. Bought and tried to use a new cable thinking that was the problem but no dice, the thing is dead. I’m on the hunt again after 6 months and was hoping the community could help me come up with a list to look at.

I might be convinced to buy another pair of T2s if they’re really the best of the litter. However, even after treating these things like gold, 6 months is the same I get out of cheaper offerings from consumer brands like Skullcandy and I treated those like garbage. I’m pretty stuck at that budget point due to not wanting to pay what I feel is a high price tag and possibly still getting the same experience.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Guideray gr-I series, Blon BL-03, TRN V90 (around $55), Final Audio E2000, etc. there are way too many to list.

Pro tip:
Anything is sub $50 if you’re fast enough and no one sees you :wink:


I don’t know if that one applies to anything online lol

What’s the difference between the 18 58 and 68?

Only the colors, nothing else…they are 1 and the same.

And I thought only well-behaved people live in Japan :thinking::policeman::grinning:

It depends on whether you were satisfied with the sound and the width of the stage of the T2’s, because each of the above in-ears sounds a little different.
Most of them are significantly bass-heavy than the T2.
If you like something like that then that’s not a problem, but if you like it a little more delicate, you should stay with the T2’s.

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I see. What I loved is that they were pretty similar sounding to my HD25’s, just in an IEM package. I even was able to DJ with these at a friend’s house during a holiday party.

Thank you for this enlightening comment. I can mitigate the cost by sending the replacement cable back and I get paid on Friday, so I would just need to cover the difference.

Guideray Gr-i hands down. If you want a fairly balanced sound, with slightly more emphasis on bass and treble detail, yet with good midrange detail. Also comes with a nice wire, and fits in ear very well. Plus they also look really cool. :smile:

I think if the first thing I had tried was the Blon BL-03, I probably wouldn’t own another pair of IEM’s or headphones. Just a huge fan (once you chance out the cable and tips) of the sound.