Sub bass iem under $300

Can you guys recommend sub bass iem under $300?
I had a jvc fx1100 before and was looking for similar earphones as I was on a budget.

This is my current list:
Nakamichi mv500
Shanling AE3
Jvc fdx1
Ikko Oh10
Bgvp ns9
Rode qt9 mk2s
Fiio fh3
Hakugei mist
Mangird tea

Give me some advice or recommendation.Thanks!

4 and 9.
10 char




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Want :loud_sound::loud_sound:?..Focus EDM is Chris’s BOOM BOOM rec …

That’s not sub :grimacing: thats basshead :joy:

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If sub bass focus, I’ll suggest fh3

If bassy in general (with sparkly treble), can’t go wrong with OH10

CCA CRA is under $300 and has nice sub, but it isn’t punchy.