Sub Category Request

I guess I can call Hifiguides my second home. All has been very nice and you guys are awesome and seeing some celebrities original personas are beyond value.

My website is named as mobileaudiophile and ,as the name suggests, we focus on mobile ear gear with audiophilistic attitudes. And I have my own corner (or stall) here. I share everything that is shared by our team members and myself there. But here comes the real deal:

There are many tags for main categories here to add below an article / post but there is nothing for dongles. And I can be a volunteer for its category or sub category if the admin team is looking down on it. It will help us catch the modern days and help me or others posting about dongles as dongle posts are already spreaded in other topics

Added category #equipment-electronics-source-gear:portable-dac-amps-dongles, give me a few days and I’ll move all relevant topics to the new category


If anyone wants a specific thread moved to the new category, just either link it here or PM me

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